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Mission begins!

This evening we officially began our missionary service. Our local family all joined us to meet for a few minutes with our great Stake President, Michael Beach. He gave Vivian and I a chance to bear our testimonies and express appreciation to our family, and then "set us apart" through a blessing. In doing so we officially became missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, even though we don't leave for training until Friday, enter the training center until Saturday, and leave for Singapore until December 5th.

The blessings that President Beach gave each of us were beautiful and inspiring. It is very easy to get a bit overwhelmed by the scope and unfamiliarity of what we're being asked to do. But just as Paul wrote to the Philippians, we believe that we "can do all things in Christ which strengtheneth [us]". And the support of all of you is likewise enormously helpful!

Meanwhile the MONTHS of hard work we have done on our house is almost completed. The short term rental listing (with this great video) went up this week and we were very pleased with the job our property management company did on it. We are also grateful for a strong early response: three bookings in the first few days! We are so happy to have that part of this journey almost done and to be able to focus fully on the rest. We (and even more so, our grandchildren) are glad we don't have to keep it that clean all the time!

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Oct 30, 2023

Y’all are going to be fantastic! E we love you! Gus & Debbee


Oct 26, 2023

I’m so happy for you! That’s really nice that everyone could be there for you. I know you and Vivian are going to give such wonderful service and make a difference in many lives. That’s exciting that you’re already getting bookings!

Sean Foley
Sean Foley
Oct 27, 2023
Replying to

Thank you Kathy!

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