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First Family Visit Was a Smash Hit

As we noted last week, our son Brock and his family braved significant time, dollars, jetlag, and sweat to visit with us on our mission. Last week's blog had several stories and many pictures on their arrival, activities, food, sites, church, and challenges. If you haven't read that check it out first...and also watch this space for our first Guest Blogger coming soon.

In the meantime, here are a few more highlights, though still only a fraction of all that happened.

CHURCH, Part 2: One of the best parts of the visit has been our ability to share some of the things we do that are so meaningful to us and the reason we have chosen to serve as missionaries. Sunday morning our family joined us for a baptism of a really super young single adult named Chen. Later that day they attended an inspiring YSA Ward Sacrament meeting and held their own Primary in our mission offices. Tuesday they came in with us to part of our weekly District Council and then watched the mission transfer meeting where missionaries learn where and with whom they will be serving for the next six weeks. The children were well behaved and interested in all these activities and we loved sharing it with them.

Unfortunately they had to leave for home without being able to join me for one of my Institute classes, but that also went very well this week. The last two classes we have had over twenty people in attendance with lots of great participation and a wonderful spirit learning about New Testament from Acts through Revelations.

  1. Grandpa after a long day

  2. We missed most of this wonderful weekend from visiting authorities but were so excited our missionaries and YSA were able to spend time with them.

  3. Singapore Zone missionaries with the Wrights

MORE FOOD: I don't think I can remember well enough to document all that we ate on this trip. I just know that it was a lot! In addition to those items mentioned last week we can add laksa, pineapple fried rice, ramen, Thai chicken, fresh fruit drinks, baklava, and so much more.

Our last hawker center visit :(

LEGOLAND: This wasn't on the original agenda, but a very thoughtful missionary connected us with someone within the parent company who generously got us tickets. We jumped at the chance to spend a day at this fun park just over the border in Malaysia. It was a long day with a walk, train, and bus on either end, but well worth it. The bus was a very comfortable charter bus and the park amenities were very nice.

Beside the heat, the biggest challenge of the day was going through Malaysian and Singaporean Immigration in both directions. Vivian and I had no problems, but the family with four little children wound up with "special handling" each and every time they crossed borders this trip. In the news there has been a lot of discussion about the shrinking birth rate in Southeast Asia...I should tell them that their border crossing processes certainly aren't going to help!

But outside that annoyance the park itself was fantastic, and everything was pretty reasonably priced compared to American theme parks. There were plenty of people there but not painfully crowded and we didn't have any waits that were too long. I definitely recommend the side trip.

1: The Park from above

2-4: Lots of trains, boats, and cars in our day

5-6: So many cool figures made out of Legos

7-8: Master builder-in-training Penny

9: It was definitely a day to enjoy the water

WRAP UP AND HOME: Some of our very favorite times were quiet ones around the apartment, pool, and neighborhood. We played games, read lots of stories, did our own cooking and cleaning (boy do we miss a dishwasher), walked to a local hot springs and even (semi) cooked an egg in them, and hit the swimming pool a few times. Brock and Emily were also able to get out one evening for a well-deserved date while Vivian and I enjoyed the time watching and putting to bed our grandchildren.

Wednesday morning was the long goodbye. They got up early and took a car to the airport. One they got through security and immigration they joined a family Zoom call with all our other children and we enjoyed visiting with everyone all together before heading into a very busy day in the office. Incredibly despite them leaving Singapore about 9:15 a.m., they landed in San Francisco after we went to bed, some fourteen hours later! Because their San Francisco to KC nonstop was going to be delayed, they switched to connect through Denver and made it home even a little early. What a trip!

1-3: Classic tourist shots (with classic children patience) of Marina Bay, Little India/Arab Street, and the Merlion

4: Brock made a joyful trip to the Liverpool Store in town

5-6: Will disputing the fine print on the sunscreen and riding the elevator with Grandma.


  1. Plantar Fasciitis Previously Vivian mentioned her significant struggles with heel pain. We are thrilled to report that East Coast Podiatry has really helped her out. She was able to get a series of shockwave treatments which, while uncomfortable during and right after, have had a very beneficial effect. It is clear both from the ultrasound readings and just how she feels that she's made a lot of improvement. She was also able to have a custom orthotic made for her shoes. These treatments and her own daily rituals first and last thing have helped her survive the significant amount of walking that we do in our normal lives and even more so with family in town.

  2. Sue Johnson in another post Vivian noted the strong influence of Sue Johnson, founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy. I'm a big reader of the New York Times obituaries, and shortly after Vivian posted I noticed an option to submit someone for consideration to have a Times obituary. Well I don't know if was my submission, but just this week a very nice remembrance appeared highlighting Sue's significant contributions to couple's therapy.


  1. Incredible Lego builds

  2. Fun at the beach

  3. Island hopping

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Jun 13

Loved the videos!


May 31

What an amazing visit! So fun reading about it and seeing the pictures and videos. I love that you got that chance to go to Legoland. It looks so fun for the kids!

Sean Foley
Sean Foley
May 31
Replying to

We can’t wait until you come! We will have refined our hosting skills.

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